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Coding at Cooran

As you are no doubt aware, students at Cooran State School are heavily involved in a variety of coding activities.  I have previously published information around the types of coding activities each year level is involved in, however if you would like to engage your child in a conversation around coding, here are some question starters for Year 3 to 5 Parents, who are currently using Scratch:
  1. When looking at the game you can ask questions such as, “How did you program the sprite to do this?”
  2. “That’s a great game that you built!” Ask about their future plans for their project. Projects can be never ending and you can continue adding more and more features to your heart’s content. You may ask, “What else do you want to add to that game?” “Are there any other sprites or characters you would like to add to your game?”
  3. You may like to prompt them with some ideas of features to add to their game, such as “Have you thought about adding another player sprite to make it a two-player game?”, “Have you thought about adding another level? Perhaps it can be a multi-level game.”
  4. Ask your child about their next project. You can build games, animation mini-movies, and interactive digital art. You may ask them, “What would you like to build next?”
  5. When looking at the code, you may ask your child, “What does that code say/do?”, “What does it mean?”